Fly Tying II - Intermediate Class

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank black fly outfitter for having the intermediate fly tying class yesterday. I especially want to thank Capt. James for teaching such an outstanding class. His knowledge of tying flies and understanding of fly fishing is far beyond his years. I was not only impressed with his techniques of tying, but also how he related that knowledge to the subtleties of when, where, and under which conditions to use each fly we tied. He is a true professional and an asset to your team.
Again, thank you for scheduling this super class."

Fly Tying II

Fly tying is all about technique, so in this class that is what we will cover. This class is a moderately advanced class where you will learn various tying styles and techniques and then apply them to some of my personal favorite patterns for Florida. Some of the techniques that we will cover in the class include dubbing loops, high-tying, weed guards, and spinning/stacking deer hair. From these techniques you will learn how to tie “The Peeled Shrimp”, “The Fantasma Fly”, and the “Crusted Crab”. In this class we will also cover the selection of natural materials and how to choose the best packages from the average packs because great material makes great flies!

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Intermediate Fly Tying Class