Bruce Chard's Bahamas Bonefish School

Bahamas Bonefish School

Blackfly Bonefish Lodge in Abaco Bahamas - The Ultimate Bonefish School
There's nothing like The Ultimate Bonefish School conducted by Captain Bruce Chard at Blackfly Bonefish Lodge to get you started on your path to becoming a bonefish pro. Remember, everybody is a beginner at some point in their fishing career so why not get started the right way with us. If you've always wanted to break away from the trout streams you've been fishing on for years and give the salt a try, this is your chance. Set on the beautiful Bahamian island of Abaco within the new community of Schooner Bay, you'll enjoy our spectacular new fishing lodge that's receiving fantastic reviews from magazines like Garden & Gun and of course all of the online review sites. You'll also enjoy our "open bar" and authentic Bahamian seafood dishes prepared by Chef Devon Roker.

The Blackfly Bonefish School is very limited as the lodge has only 8 single rooms available. We can do the class with a minimum of 6 students so give us a call to put your name on the class list. When we have reached the minimum you will be notified that we are having the class and accepting deposits. If you have friends or you are a fly shop, this is a great way to have your own class at Blackfly Lodge.


Students of the Ultimate Bonefish School can expect to learn about:


  • What reels are best for bonefishing and why
  • Weight of the reel
  • Drag of reel, cork VS synthetic, and design of drag system
  • Large arbor advantages
  • Size of Reel
  • Best action fly rods for bonefishing and why
  • Which size rod is best for the type of bonefishing you could encounter
  • A complete breakdown on how Fly Rods are made and the graphite they are made of, and how that makes a difference in bonefishing
  • How to best travel with your fly rods
  • Which rods to bring on your saltwater flats trip and why
Fly Lines
  • Which fly lines are best for bonefishing
  • Learn about how much tapers of fly lines effect your ability to bonefish
  • Learn about the many different makers of fly lines and there differences
  • What kind of thoughts go into designing a bonefish fly line
  • Cores of fly lines and there differences
  • Complete break down of every section of the fly line and its individual contribution to the cast, presentation, and fishability of the line
  • What size of backing is best
  • Colors of backing
  • Different kinds of backing and which is best
  • Types of mono that's best for bone fishing vs other types of fishing
  • Length and tapers of leaders for bone fishing
  • Why correctly constructed leaders are SO important to successful bonefishing
  • Learn the importance of leader length, and stiffness vs type of fly line you use, and length of front taper of fly line
  • Learn how to construct the best bonefish leader for all possible bonefishing situations
  • Complete breakdown of all the best knots for bonefishing
  • Learn to tie all the best knots yourself
  • Learn the best line to line knots
  • Learn the best loop knots (for tying on the fly)
  • What extra things you can do that helps prevent knot breakage
  • What knots are best for fly line to backing, backing to reel, and fly line to leader
  • Extensive outlook on the action of a good bonefish fly
  • Learn the most important features and what to look for in good bonefish fly
  • Learn how important the design of a bonefish fly is and why
  • Learn how to tie some of the best proven bonefish patterns in the world (you will be able to tie them yourself if you wish)
  • Learn the many different materials and ideas on the market to help you design you own favorite bonefish fly that will work best for you
  • Complete basic to advanced level casting instruction
  • Hints and tricks on casting from a boat and wading
  • How to correctly cast and do battle with the wind from all angles
  • Techniques on distance and short range casting
  • Effective fishing casts to help catch more bonefish
  • The importance of accuracy and loop control in presentations to boenfish
  • Effective techniques to accuracy casting
Fly Presentation
  • Learn how and when to present the fly to bonefish in all weather conditions
  • How to chose the correct fly for the conditions that you have
  • Understand the difference in water depth and current when you present the fly
  • Food that Bonefish eat and when
  • Territory that bonefish live in and why
  • Tides and how water depth effects bone fishing
  • Learn about the anatomy of the Bonefish and why this makes a difference in catching them