Kayak Flyfishing

Kayak Flyfishing:
Probably one of the most exciting new methods of fishing with a fly rod, kayak fishing has taken off as an economical way to enjoy fly fishing without having to buy an expensive skiff. It's great exercise and a very stealthy way to search for fish.

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Learn to fish Kayaks

Come join Captain Rich Santos of First Coast Fly Fishing Unlimited and learn the secrets of a local fly fishing guide and FFF Certified Casting Instructor!
This is a 4 hour workshop that will include touching all the bases on how, when and where to catch fish out of a kayak.
Subjects include:

  • Kayak fly fishing Northeast Florida Saltwater flats intro
  • Learn the advantages of fly fishing from a kayak
  • Kayak rigging and selection from an experienced guide
  • Choosing flies and learning about the habitat
  • How to present and retrieve the fly from a kayak
  • When to go and best tides and weather conditions
  • Where to launch kayaks and locating fish
  • Review of best fly fishing equipment out of a Kayak.
    (i.e. Rods, lines leader, flies, etc.)
  • Open question and Answer segment

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