Flyfishing N.E. Florida

"Fly Fishing Northeast Florida" has been our longest running saltwater flyfishing class here at Blackfly Outfitter in Jacksonville and we are proud of our track record of successful new fly fisherman. This class is taught by long time Blackfly Outfitter guide Randy Lanier. Randy was a guide in the Jacksonville area for many years and has brought his expertise to this easy to love fly fishing class. We start you out with a casting class and take you through when, where, what and why's of fly fishing. Randy will also share some of his secret fishing spots plus he will tell you how to find your own. This is a great introductory class for anglers who are looking to test the waters to see if they are interested.

A sometimes heard quote from the class: "Damn, I wish I had known it was this easy, I would have done this a long time ago!"

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Flyfishing NE Florida

Fly Fishing Northeast Florida:
A half day class for beginning anglers who want to learn about fishing in the local areas of N.E. Florida, concentrating on:
1. The fundamentals of casting and the types of casts.
2. Flyfishing rods and reels and when to use what gear and why.
3. The kinds of equipment you will need to go fishing including styles of boats used in      the local area.
4. The types of flies and when to use them.
5. Where to go fishing and how to catch fish there.
6. Tides and moon phases and how they affect fishing.